Drop in Art Sessions: art x 4 u

Over the summer I held a series of four drop in print-making sessions at a local social club. These were enjoyably informal sessions with people of all ages in what is basically a pub environment. The theme was Black and White. We did some chatty group pieces as well as individual prints, exploring texture and composition. We also had some fun composing still life photos in black and white.

Images by students.

Being creative has never been a talent attributed to me so you can understand that it was with some trepidation that I attended Abbey’s art class being held at my social club. The theme was black and white using various materials and textures. What I produced was nothing more than I was expecting, that is, until the suggestion to turn it upside down was made. Wow: a comical figure holding a flower became a beautiful forest scene with ice cap mountains in the background. From then on, I looked forward to Abbey’s classes and all the fun and laughter we had. I’m also delighted to say my picture, alongside others, now graces the wall of the social club.
Pippa Thompson