Art Exhibition: Art in the Garden

I have been experimenting with iron water, heat, steam, inks, paints, wax resist and sewn thread to create atmospheric pieces which bear the imprint of leaves from my garden.

Friday 8th September 2023.
Private View.

Saturday 9th September 2023 By invitation.
Art in the Garden and homemade pizza made in our original kitchen bread oven.

Sunday 10th September 2023 everyone welcome.
Art Exhibition & Art in the Garden.

All visitors were invited to imagine which picture would suit them most if they were a frog and were looking for a nice place to reside. Some people decided that, although a particular picture would suit a frog, they preferred a different picture, some people liked the same picture as their frog and another friend decided to choose a picture for a toad instead.

On a lovely sunny afternoon, I visited Abbey’s Art Exhibition in her garden and Shepherd’s Hut. I was totally captivated. The picture I liked best made me feel I was at the bottom of a pond looking up through the lily leaves and dragonflies with the sun filtering down. There is a great feeling of peace and tranquillity in her work, but it is created with endless patience and some very complicated techniques. Abbey’s art reflects her garden, herself and the countryside she so loves.

Annette Shelford